Traditionalle Thai Massage (without oil)


€45 €65 €80



€48 €69 €93

Thai Aromatherapie 


€55 €78 €98

Thai Sports Massage


€55 €78 €98

Thai foot massage

60/90 minutes

48 €69

Head, back and shoulder massage  

60 minutes


Mobile Massage Services

90/120minutes   (NOT AVAILABLE )

 €130 €190


The voucher can be issued for a massage or an individual amount. If required, the recipient can also choose another massage that has the same value. Available direct from our store or by mail order:
Amount plus a 3 EUR shipping fee.
If several vouchers are sent to the same address, the shipping fee only applies once.
Please send your order by e-mail, after which you will receive a confirmation with our bank details.
After receipt of your transfer, we will send your voucher(s) immediately to the address given.
If you want us to make an entry for you in the "for:..." and "from:..." fields, please let us know by email.