Advance notice of price increase from March 7th, 2024

Whenever you have used our service, we have always tried our best to ensure that you were satisfied.

We would like to thank you very much for your trust in our service.

Unfortunately, as of March 7th, 2024, we will be forced to adjust our prices slightly.

Rising inflation and sharply increased energy costs have also hit us. Therefore, we can unfortunately no longer cover our costs without a small price adjustment.

Ultimately, we want to continue our service without sacrificing quality and therefore have to take this step.

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Traditionalle Thai Massage (without oil)



Stretching positions, stretching movements, joint mobilizations and pressure point massages

The powerful acupressure stabilizes the joints and relieves pain. Muscle tension is relieved and muscle pain is relieved. The targeted treatment of the body's energy meridians stimulates the flow of energy. It promotes the regeneration and harmonization of the usually stressed nervous system. A good prophylactic against illnesses and joint problems. 




A relaxing massage is a real treat for body and mind

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing and a great way to quickly get into a relaxed state of mind. In order to feel good and function properly in everyday life, it is important to take a break every now and then. Recharge your batteries and say goodbye to stress!




The oil massage & aromatherapy relaxes body and soul and makes your skin velvety soft

This full-body relaxation massage uses gentle, circular movements. Physical well-being increases and the soul relaxes through the smell of the oils. It promotes circulation and the harmful substances in the body are reduced. The muscles relax and the skin and tissues tighten.

Sports Massage



Sports massage is a complement to classic massage. Here, the handles of the classic massage as well as other additional handles are used and the needs of the athlete as well as the specific problems during sport are addressed. Assuming that active athletes are more robust than perhaps frail older people, the massage is carried out with greater force and thus prepares the body for upcoming physical stress and supplies it with blood. Cramps that arise during sport can be treated with the stretching techniques that are part of sports massage. After sport there is a regenerative and relaxing massage.

foot massage

60/90 minutes


By stimulating the reflex points on the feet, the activity of the internal organs is stimulated

Muscle tension, anxiety and tension are relieved. Blood circulation is improved. Waste substances are removed from the body. It promotes stress relief and deep relaxation.

Head, back and shoulder massage  

60 minutes


Neck and shoulder massage exclusively massages the neck and shoulder area to relax the muscles. This massage can be helpful for headaches, neck tension, stubborn shoulder tension, stiffness in the neck area and limited head mobility.


The voucher can be issued for a massage or an individual amount. If required, the recipient can also choose another massage that has the same value. Available direct from our store or by mail order:
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