parking spot

Our massage studio offers the convenience of a parking space right in front of the door, so our customers can easily park their vehicles


good location  

Our massage studio is conveniently located on a main road, making it easy to reach and easy to find. The surrounding area offers amenities such as a supermarket, wine shop and cafe.


Cleanliness is very important in our massage studio. We provide an environment with a pleasant scent that promotes relaxation. In addition, we place the utmost importance on the comfort of our customers by providing freshly laundered towels for each session to ensure an always pleasant experience.

customer service

Our massage therapists dedicate their entire professional lives to this profession over a long period of time and continue to develop their skills through years of practical experience. Additionally, with their attentive and thoughtful approach, they provide excellent customer service and ensure our customers have an all-round enjoyable experience.


Our highly qualified massage therapists have an extensive experience of over five years accompanied by a rich history of participating in numerous training sessions and competitive events.

beverage service

We are happy to offer you a selection of refreshing drinks, including mineral water, still water and Thai tea or herbal tea.